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Wong Hee, Herbert Edwin (1874 - 1888)

23 September 1874
Percydale (Fiddler's Creek), Victoria, Australia
8 August 1888
Banyena, Victoria, Australia
Alternative Names
  • Wong Hee, Herbert Edmond (also used)
  • Wong Hee, Herbert Edward (also used)
  • Wong Hee, Herbert Edwin (also used)


Herbert Edward Wong Hee was the third child of William Wong Hee and Sarah (nee Reeves). He was born at Percydale, Avocashire, County of Gladstone on 23 September 1874. (His death certificate records his birth place as Fiddlers Creek, Victoria which is the old name for Percydale).

His middle name appears on most documents as Edwin, but Edmond appears on his birth certificate which was signed by Sarah, and his death certificate which was recorded in English by the Registrar on behalf of his father William, who also signed the certificate in Chinese characters.

Herbert died at his parents home in Banyena on 8 August 1888 from typhoid fever. He had been ill for one month and was treated by Dr J.C. Hood. He was aged 14 at the time and his occupation was listed as farmer.

He was buried at the Burrum Burrum cemetery, Banyena, Dunmunkleshire, County of Borung in grave number 395 or 396. Many of the cemetery's records were destroyed in a bush fire and they were unable to clarify which grave he is in - both graves contain Wong Hee children.

Sources used to compile this entry: Victorian births, deaths marriages: birth 24856, death 11179.

Prepared by: Lynda Rogasch