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Reeves, Sarah Anne (1850 - 1904)

5 May 1850
Victoria, Australia
15 June 1904
Banyena, Victoria, Australia
Alternative Names
  • Reeves, Sarah (maiden name)
  • Wong Hee, Sarah (married name)


Sarah Anne Reeves was born on May 5 1850, and baptised in the Church of England on November 17, 1850.

Her parents were Sarah Ann and George Reeves. George was a tailor, and the family resided at Horsham when Sarah was young.

She married William Wong Hee and they had nine children together.

On the 15th June 1904, Sarah, aged 54 died at Banyena of a hemorrhage collapse due to Pulmonary Tuberculosis. She had suffered from the disease for three years and was treated by S Bruhl, MD. The death was recorded by her son, Ernest W. Wong Hee.

Sarah was buried in the Burrum Burrum Cemetery at Banyena on June 16, 1904.

Sources used to compile this entry: Victorian births, deaths and marriages 25794, 3755.

Prepared by: Lynda Rogasch