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Edited Book

Lowe Kong Meng, Cheok Hong Cheong, Louis Ah Mouy
The Chinese Question In Australia, 1878-79
F. F. Bailliere, Melbourne, 1879
Australia Victoria - Melbourne
31 pages, 21 cm

Puts forward various legal, moral and religious arguments for improved treatment of Chinese in Australia. In many cases it asks readers (presumed to be British or European) to view Chinese as equal to themselves. Puts forward scenarios in which discriminatory situations against the Chinese are reversed.

The paper argues for England and Australia to stand by their treaty arrangements with China and allow Chinese immigrants into Australia on an equal footing with other immigrants. It discusses the poor treatment of Chinese in Australia (and the USA), including reference to the Buckland riots. It counters claims of Chinese as uneducated and barbarians. It discusses the contributions of Chinese to Australia and points out that Chinese are not treated on an equal footing with other immigrants. It argues that with time the Chinese, like the Irish, will demand higher wages and that their standards of living will improve. Suggests that the Chinese are mistreated because unlike Russia, China does not pose a military threat.